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Corvette Repair

Corvette, America’s first Sports Car. Since 1975, we have been restoring Corvettes. We cater to all Corvette enthusiasts. From the early C1 to the latest ZO6, our facility is equipped to handle all aspects of repair from collision to complete restorations.

Show winning Mid Year Sting Rays are our specialty. Every Corvette is repaired with respect to “Survivor Status”, NCRS, and Bloomington Gold.


The 1962 Corvette was the last straight rear axle Corvette. We practice the same fiberglass methods the factory used when the vehicle was first produced

Once the repair and repainting process is completed each Corvette is color sanded and polished. The vehicle is then carefully re-assembled by hand and given the final detail to the highest standards.


The 1963 Split Window Corvette was the first Corvette coupe in history. It’s exterior skin was manufactured from press molded fiberglass. Strict guidelines for repair must be followed to ensure proper restoration. By using the correct polyester materials and repair procedures we can ensure our customers will enjoy their Corvette for years to come.

Imagine the clay model for the first Sting Ray. Every detail was performed to make the perfect mold..

We are proud to carry on that artist conception for our restoration. Every Sting Ray is hand shaped down to every detail. All fiberglass panels are re-surfaced using a catalyzed gel coat process. Perfect gaps, perfect body lines, laser straight body panels, countless hours of hand shaping and blocking gives our customers the perfect Sting Ray.

Once the body’s surface has passed inspection, the perfect body is headed for the master finish. After the Gel Coat is applied, each coat consisting of base coat clear coat technique is applied by hand. For over 31 years Kye has painted every restoration ever completed by European Motor Car Works.


A main concern of every Corvette repair is painting. Lacquer, once the only alternative paint system, is no longer available for use in California due to environmental and clean air concerns. Paint manufacturers have created more durable and low VOC paint systems which includes urethane.

We are proud to recommend a base coat clear coat paint system developed by Standox. All Corvettes repaired with the Standox system has produced an invisible repair.


Since 1973 Chevrolet has utilized the use of SMC, Sheet Moulded Compound, for the construction of Corvettes. Repairing SMC requires the use of special bonding adhesives, resin, and polyester fillers. Because SMC has the ability to expand and contract in varying temperatures, proper repair techniques are essential.

Our reputation depends on your satisfaction. Every Corvette is re-assembled to factory specifications using Genuine Chevrolet parts. We hold in high regard that you will continue to enjoy your Corvette for years to come.

The evolution of composites like carbonfibre has made the new ZO6 and Callaway lighter and more durable.

Understanding and repairing this carbon composite poses new challenges for the automotive industry. We are committed to offering the highest repair standards for vehicles utilizing this construction.

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