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We offer computerized estimates & digital imaging. Estimates do not require an appointment and typically take about 15-20 minutes. Since each collision is unique it is imperative for us to see your vehicle to provide an accurate estimate. We have a clean comfortable waiting area so you can relax while we inspect your vehicle..

Each repair comes with a 5 year written guarantee on all workmanship.*

We work with most major insurance companies; however, we choose not to participate in any direct repair programs. At our facility, your interest always comes first when negotiating a repair with an insurance company.


We offer complete collision repairs, specializing in aluminum and composite vehicles. We focus on a complete three dimensional repair. The first objective is our customer. Our promise to you is to address all your concerns during the repair process. The second objective is to restore the mechanical soundness of your vehicle. Our vehicle check list will be performed by ASE technicians to insure pre-loss vehicle performance and safety. And lastly, but no less important, is the flawless cosmetic appearance of the completed vehicle. Our award winning paint department strives for the perfect finish on every vehicle.

Our “clean room” for Aston Martin, the Aluminum Jaguar and Tesla provides the necessary area to repair these intricate vehicles. The “clean room” is equipped with its own set of tools and machinery only used for the aluminum and composite vehicles.

We utilize (5) GlobalJig Frame Machines, (5) Dataliner Frame Machines and (2) Car Bench Frame Machines to repair the frame and unibody. These frame machines allow us to obtain precise measurements and return the inner and outer structure of the vehicle to factory specifications.


Our restoration background has allowed us to excel in the auto body industry. Our experience comes from years of dedication through fabrication, panel beating, metal finishing and shaping techniques, we promise that every vehicle is repaired to the highest standard in the industry.

Many of the techniques that we use are no longer practiced in the industry. Today there are faster and easier methods of completing a job, however, they are not always better. We believe the more hands-on the repairs are, the better the outcome. We are proud to carry on the “old school” traditions of auto repair.

We have multiple refinishing stations, one downdraft paint booth and dual prep stations. Our Ultra Plus 1 downdraft paint booth is equipped with AdvanceCure Accelerated Airflow System and performs with both waterborne and solvent-based coatings. The AdvanceCure System provides a controlled turbulence into the paint booth, allowing the paint to cure completely in a short amount of time. The dual prep stations are a crucial component of the refinish process. Prep stations provide shadow-free lighting and efficient contaminant removal during the pre-finish steps and are essential to producing a top quality finish.


An extra large spray cabin allows us to paint all of the pieces of one vehicle at the same time. By painting everything together, we can assure that once the vehicle is re-assembled the paint will match throughout the vehicle.

This spray cabin is also equipped with the IRT-5400. When used in conjunction with the AdvanceCure System, this piece of equipment reduces the curing time as well as energy consumption.

Since 1975, Kye has been involved with every vehicle that has passed through both our paint and body departments. We use BASF paint which is approved by Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lotus, General Motors and 38 of the worlds leading auto manufactures. Standox is at the forefront of cutting edge auto coating technologies, which allows us to use modern paint technologies such as waterborne basecoats which are environmental friendly. Standox has collected more approvals than any other supplier of auto refinishing supplies.


Since our beginning we have restored countless classics. Today we continue practicing the art by restoring an American Classic, the Corvette.

The restoration process begins with hand sanding the entire vehicle to remove any previous paint. Once all of the paint is removed, any damage to the original body is repaired. We then apply a gel coat to the entire surface of the vehicle. The gell coat is then block sanded by hand to check for imperfections. Once the body has passed inspection a 2k primer, base coat and clear coat are applied and cured. The final polish of each newly refinished piece is applied. Re-assembly is the next step. It is a time consuming process as each panel must fit exactly. In the end our restored Corvettes are as good, if not better than when they rolled off the assembly line.

Our Hunter Alignment System allows us to restore the factory alignment specifications after a collision. Our alignment rack allows access to the underside of the vehicle while maintaining all four wheels on the perfectly level rack. Our system uses a digital imaging system to ensure perfect alignment.


We have the capability of aligning exotic and collectible vehicles with low ground clearance. Our specially designed in-ground alignment system works perfectly on vehicles that cannot be driven up the typical alignment ramps.

We offer complimentary pick up and delivery to Aston Martin of Newport Beach, Newport European Motorcars, Jaguar Land Rover Mission Viejo, Tesla Costa Mesa, Land Rover Jaguar Anaheim Hills. We can also assist you with any other towing needs.

We also provide:
assistance with insurance claims
rental car assistance
complete detail
windshield & glass replacement, specializing in aluminum vehicles
paintless dent repair
window tinting
*Terms and conditions available upon request
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