Land Rover

Since 1948, Land Rover has been creating four-wheel-drive vehicles and nothing but. Over the last 60 years, Land Rover has engineered eight iconic models. The SUV craze began with the introduction on the first Range Rover in 1970. The Range Rover combined Off-Road capabilities while introducing components and styling of luxury cars.

As one of the most technologically advanced SUVs on the market it is important that each component is repaired to factory specifications.

The Range Rover Sport combines an intergrated hydroformed chassis with the rigidity of the monocoque body for exceptional passenger protection. The A and B pillars incorporate Boron Steel to protect passengers from front and side impact collisions.

The purpose of a frame machine is to correctly re-align any damage to a structural member of the chassis. An incorrect frame alignment can affect suspension alignment and panel fit on todays modern vehicles. The GlobalJig system allows our facility to accurately pinpoint any discrepancies in the frame after an accident.

The most popular question from our customers is “Will the color match"? From the deepest blacks to the most silver pearls, our paint department has developed a system using computer generated formula as well as the art of hands-on tinting using toners to ensure the perfect match.

We have the ability to produce an invisible repair. Our artistic background and commitment to perfection has earned us the motto; "better than new." Kye states “We paint and repair Mona Lisa’s every day.” “If the Mona Lisa was damaged, I could fix her.”

Land Rover's extensive use of aluminum body panels requires special equipment and training. When repairing this alloy it requires an understanding of all its properties. Our ASE technicians have years of experience with this alloy and are certified aluminum welders. We follow all manufacturer recommendations to ensure a proper repair. Your safety and your vehicles resale value depend on the quality of repair.

Our reputation depends on your satisfaction. Every Land Rover is re-assembled to factory specifications using Genuine Land Rover parts. We hold in high regard that you will continue to enjoy your Land Rover for years to come.