Race Car is what comes to mind when one thinks of a Lotus. It is rightfully so since Lotus has won seven Formula One Constructors Championships and six Drivers' Championship titles. This heritage remains important as the company continues developing vehicles that offer superb handling and performance.

The purpose of a frame machine is to correctly re-align any damage to a structural member of the chassis. An incorrect frame alignment can affect suspension alignment and panel fit on todays modern vehicles. The GlobalJig system allows our facility to accurately pinpoint any discrepancies in the frame after an accident.

Truly amazing performance is enhanced by brilliant colors. We apply every coat to replicate color in motion. All Lotus formulas are tinted by hand using every available resource to ensure a perfect color match.

Dare to stand out from the crowd, let us customize your Lotus. Make your ride as unique as the car.

All Lotus repairs are carefully scrutinized to ensure form and function. We use Genuine Lotus parts. The unique construction of the Elise requires special adhesives and knowledge. Years of experience with the Lotus Brand will guarantee the proper repair techniques.

The unique construction requires proper repair techniques and the proper use of repair materials and adhesives. Over 30 years of experience with the Lotus Brand and a personal commitment to carry on the Lotus tradition will ensure a perfect repair.

Every Esprit carries a superior image. Three Stage colors, such as Chrome Orange, can excite your soul. We consider each Lotus as special as its owner, and we are proud to preserve that image. All of our repairs are geared to equal or surpass factory specs. (Kye is also the proud owner of a highly modified Esprit V8.)