Aston Martin

Orange County’s first and only structural repair, Category A, repair facility.

Power, beauty and soul are the elements of an Aston Martin. Using today’s technology these vehicles are designed and built by skilled craftsmen. Aston Martin uses the latest computer aided design and engineering facilities to ensure that each Aston Martin exceeds the expectations of the industry.

We pride ourselves in duplicating the factory standards set forth by Aston Martin. Every Aston Martin is repaired in an enclosed “clean room” using cutting edge equipment and tooling by our factory trained technicians. Each Aston Martin technician at European Motor Car Works has received training at Thatchem Research Center in England and continues their education yearly. Aston Martin provides a continued certification process as new vehicles are introduced. We are proud to be part of the Aston Martin team.

The ultimate Aston Martin. The Vanquish is built as it’s predecessors were, by hand. The futuristic technology used to design and engineer this vehicle supersedes the industries standards. Each vehicle is assembled individually by one craftsman.

To ensure that after an accident every Aston Martin is rebuilt to factory tolerance, we have five (5) GlobalJig Frame Machines. By utilizing the GlobalJig, it allows our technicians to employ the same techniques and adhesives as the factory. The GlobalJig allows us to repair the innerstructure or frame of these vehicles to precise measurements. Every panel is first hand fitted and inspected before it is adhered to the vehicle. This ensures the perfect fit of all panels before the vehicle is passed to the paint department.

Beautiful, sculptured, and timeless describes the shape of the DB9. Manufactured in Aston Martins' new facility in Gaydon, England the DB9 is hand-built at a series of work stations by technicians and craftsmen.

The reputation of these vehicles is of utmost importance to us, so we created a repair center that can duplicate structural and non-structural damage to Aston Martin standards. All re-assembly is performed by an Aston Martin trained technician.

The limited production AR1 was derived from the DB7. Only 99 DBAR's were built for sale by the Italian coachbuilder, Zagato. The lack of a roof is unique to the AR1, and stops the vehicle from being called a Volante. The AR1 consists of an upgraded "GT" version of the V12.

Performance is a landmark of Aston Martin. Our ASE Master Technicians are certified to repair and service all of your mechanical and coach work concerns. Our attention to detail will ensure perfect performance and safety after every repair.

If you were to walk into the paint department at Aston Martin, you will not find a robotic painter, but a real life person painting every vehicle because, "nothing is as flexible or as skillful as a person."

We pride ourselves on duplicating the exact standards of Aston Martin, as each repair process must be precise in order to carry over the hand built essence of an Aston Martin. Every surface is scrutinized for even the smallest imperfection before the refinishing process begins. All paint processes are applied in a climate controlled downdraft paint booth and then cured. Once the paint is cured, we hand polish each vehicle to ensure that the surface is completely smooth and perfect.

The DB7 was the most successful Aston Martin ever produced. More than 7,000 were built before being replaced in 2003 by the DB9.

The DB7, Aston Martins hand built qualities surpass all others and we excel in reproducing the uniqueness of these vehicles. Almost every model is supported by the availability of OEM parts. This allows us to fit each genuine part to your vehicle to keep it just as it was when it left the factory.

We strive to duplicate the unique manufacture process that is Aston Martin. Our pride in workmanship guarantees a flawless repair.